Government urged to protect temples in Kashmir

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Jammu, July 18 : The Jeshtha Devi Prabandak Committee members on Sunday held a meeting in Jammu wherein they urged the Government to assign the army personnel the task of guarding the Hindu temples and shrines in the Valley, since the temples might be looted and damaged under the disturbance. The members of the committee fear that amid the unrest going on in the Valley, it is the Hindu Temples that can be targeted. 

The President of the Committee, Bharat Bhushan Bhat, stated that owing to the happenings in the past, wherein the Hindu temples have been targeted in situation likes these, the temples and all other religious places Protection Bill should be passed by the Government. An Adhoc board has been appointed under the leadership of BS Bhan, unless the bill is passed.
A sub-committee has also been formed that will work with the committees of all the temples in the valley. The committee plans on conducting a nationwide election for the Kashmiri Hindus as part of the committee. The committee will be overlooking all the temples in the valley and ensure their security.
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