Governor clears the path for appointment of Chairman and Members of Public Service Commission


JAMMU: The Governor, Shri N.N. Vohra, has laid down a clear framework for the appointment of Chairman and Members of the Public Service Commission (PSC).

A Raj Bhavan spokesperson disclosed that arising from the erstwhile Coalition Government’s recommendations, which were not found acceptable for several reasons, the Governor had directed the Chief Secretary to draw up a draft framework for the selection and appointment of the Chairman and Members of the PSC. In this context, the Governor had also discussed this important matter with the Chief Secretary earlier this year.

The Governor had stressed the need for a transparent framework being put in place which will permit only competent, honest and well respected persons being appointed as Members and Chairperson of the PSC. The Governor’s concern arose from the nature of the recommendations made by the Coalition Government for the appointment of Members; even the basic facts about the past service, performance and property records were not available with the State Government in respect of some of the persons recommended to the Governor.

The framework laid down by the Governor envisages a Search Committee chaired by the Chief Secretary which shall prepare an adequately large panel, keeping in view the number of vacancies which require to be filled in the PSC. It is stipulated that the names of only such persons can be included in the panels who are known for their competence and proven ability, honesty, objectivity and high integrity, who command the confidence of the people and would not be deflected by any extraneous considerations from discharging their duty of making selections which are based strictly on merit.


The Governor has been seriously concerned about the need to ensure that the PSC functions effectively and maintains a high reputation for its integrity. He had addressed the former Chief Minister in this regard, pointing out that any malfunctioning of the PSC would result in the erosion of the high standards which must apply to the selection of the best available candidates for manning posts in the various departments of the Government. It was noted that any deficiencies in the PSC’s functioning shall result in demoralizing meritorious youth who aspire to be selected to the various services. It was in this background that, keeping in view the inadequate credentials of several candidates and the fact that no process of selection had been followed, the Governor had refused to accept the recommendations forwarded to him by the erstwhile government.

The framework which has now been laid down envisages a meticulous inquiry into the past background and public reputation of all the potential candidates, taking into account the record of their performance in service, properties held etc and identifying only persons of proven integrity.