Govt apathy endangers Abhinav theatre, the only cultural hub of Jammu


abhinavAbhinav theatre is one of the most important cultural institutions of Jammu region but it has been losing out because of poor maintenance, and lack of support being given to this important landmark of Jammu region. This institution has helped in the evolution of drama, art, culture, and languages of the entire province, and has helped in bringing out talent despite the lack of proper support structure in the state.

This great cultural institution is in danger of being washed out due to official apathy, and neglect. Last month flood waters from a nearby nullah entered into this building, and entered the basement where the office, and library are located. The sewage and flood water damaged a large part of the office, official documents, and several books were wasted. A large part of the cultural and social history of the Jammu region could have been lost as a number of rare books, and similar stuff could have been laid waste by the flood water.

Sources tell that Abhinav theatre has been built at a place where a pond was situated in a low lying area of the city. Whenever there is a rain or slight waterlogging this area gets marooned as result of which Abhinav theatre always faces the specter of flooding like last month.

The only solution is now to divert the nullah which is passing through the building or create rain water harvesting structures in the area so that water seeps underground. Unless this is done soon there is danger of this institution suffering every year, and this will certainly have a bad effect on the cultural scene of the city.

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