Govt formation in Jammu Kashmir delayed as BJP, PDP fight over AFSPA, CMP


The issue of revocation of AFSPA in Jammu and Kashmir has once again put a question mark on the formation of coalition government between the PDP, and BJP. While the PDP is insisting on revocation of the AFSPA, the BJP is not agreeing to this demand in toto, and there are also strong differences over the use of language in the Common Minimum Programme. The differences between the two parties have become so acute that PDP patron Mufti Mohd Sayeed is likely to meet PM Narendra Modi to sort the pending issues.Both PDP, and BJP want to form the government soon but no one is willing to yield an inch as they don’t want to be seen as too flexible to their political constituencies.
The PDP is calling for partial revocation of the AFSPA in some peaceful parts of the state but the BJP prefers to call it lifting of this act instead of terming it revocation. The inclusion of the same in CMP document is another bone of contention as leaders of both parties are sticking to their agenda.

Although both parties agreed on the partial revocation of the AFSPA but they are now unable to resolve the nitty-grities as a result of which government formation is delayed. There are also differences on the wording of the move to lift AFSPA with BJP wants to term it withdrawal whereas the PDP terms it revocation.

There are also differences on the issue of revocation of Article 370 which is a key demand of the BJP while PDP is totally opposed to it. The settlement of West Pakistan refugees is another bone of contention, and both parties are now looking to workout a language which brings them on a common page. The delay in government formation has led to hectic parleys behind the scene, and senior PDP leaders are camping in Delhi to finalize the political deal.

It is also being speculated that PDP chief Mufti Mohd Sayeed is in Mumbai, and is likely to meet PM Narendra Modi who is also in the city to give a final push to the deal which will lead to formation of government soon. Mufti is also likely to meet the key members of the PMO also during this meeting. Meanwhile, it is being indicated that a government would be formed in the state around February 23 as the differences will be hammered soon by both parties.

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