Govt formation in J&K remains suspended animation, PDP gains as BJP losing face

Amit Shah Mehbooba Mufti BJP-PDP alliance Jammu and KashmirThe formation of government in Jammu and Kashmir remains in suspended animation as there is no forward movement between the coalition partners, PDP, and BJP. The former is adamant and wants concrete assurances from BJP government in centre on transfer of hydel projects, and massive funding from Delhi. Also PDP wants no interference from BJP as far sensitive issues like article 370, state flag and other issues are concerned.

Despite assurances from the BJP leadership, Mehbooba Mufti has not opened her cards, and she is unwilling to form the government in a hurry which has put BJP in quandary, and also causing a loss of face for the saffron party. The BJP already has too made too many compromises as far as ideology, and it’s promises to the party’s voters, and supporters is concerned. Mehbooba also has not given them any rope which they again can hard sell to the high command as well as the people of Jammu who are shocked by the subservient behavior of the saffron leadership despite outright separatist, and pro-self rule inclination of the party. PDP in the name of ‘Agenda of Alliance’ is set to milk the centre as BJP is desperate to continue the coalition, and it knows that it will have egg on the face of the party but entire central leadership including the grand architect of party chief Amit Shah if Mehbooba snaps ties with BJP in J&K. It will also be an end of the road for the party in Kashmir valley as it plans to set up a base in a Muslim dominated part of the country, which believes it was never integral to the Indian nation.

Sources said that the real reason for delay by PDP is that it wants liberal funding from Delhi to make an impact in Kashmir valley, and also send a message that it’s writ runs with the centre, and it’s not the other way around.

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