Govt has every right to transfer employees wherever, whenever it wants: Court

TRANSFERSIn a major decision which reserves the right of the government to transfer it’s employees, a court in Jammu and Kashmir today maintained that government could transfer employees at any time, and wherever it wanted as it was within the ambit of law.

Dismissing a petition, Justice Dhiraj Singh Thakur held that government was within it’s right to transfer employees where it wanted, and no excuses were admissible in this regard. With this the court also dismissed the petition filed by Purshottam Laln challenging his pre-mature transfer. While Lal had challenged the transfer order in court, the Additional Advocate General pleaded that the there is no statutory order which prevents such kind of transfers, and one already had ruled out by the full bench of the J&K High Court. The AAG also urged upon the Judge that government should remain vested with power to transfer employees for smooth functioning of the administration.

The court was also told that only those employees oppose their transfers who are opposed to serve the people, and perform their duties for the welfare of the people. Justice Singh after hearing both sides dismissed the petition holding the right of the government to transfer employees wherever it wanted. It is to be noted that transfer in government jobs has become an industry in Jammu and Kashmir particularly in key departments like education, police, and revenue with employees ready to pay, and seniors asking for lakhs to ensure that they stay on plum positions.

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