Govt Hospital in Jammu breaks arms, legs of a new born baby in forced birth


Jammu and Kashmir News

Time and again accusations of doctors’ negligence in Government hospitals in Jammu has been the cause of patients’ hardships. The Government Hospital in Sarwal, however, has probably reached its top-notch level of brutality.
A woman, Ruksana Bi, resident of Shiba Pangli village in Nagrota, was rushed by her husband to the hospital in Sarwal upon severe labor pains. The doctors then admitted the woman and took her to the Labor Room.
However, after reaching the labour room Ruksana, who is the mother of three children, said that when she was not in pain anymore. Despite that, the doctors gave her an injection for labour. Not noticing any change, the female gynecologist, Dr. Anu, then forced her delivery by applying pressure to both sides of her stomach. Their barbaric activities did not stop just yet, the nurses sat on top of her and started beating her in order for her to deliver the baby.
The woman gave birth to a girl after the series of events. The baby girl was handed over to her father however, she did not stop crying. Upon consulting the doctors, it was found that her hands and feet were swollen up and the Doctor’s at Sarwal hospital referred her to GMC.
After the x-ray, it was discovered that the newborn had fractures in both her arms and legs. The child was shifted to SMGS, where she was admitted in the ICU immediately and her condition was declared critical.
For the alleged crime against the new born where her bones were all fractured due to the ferocious way with which the doctors approached her delivery, the father, Gulam Rasool, and other relatives protested against the Hospital authorities Sarwal. He has demanded investigation against the accused doctors. He added that the government should help his family with the treatment of his daughter. A complaint has been filed in the Sarwal Police station by the father and investigation has started.
Meanwhile, the Medical Superintendent Sarwal Hospital, Gurmeet Kour, has assured that a committee, that is headed by her, has been set up that would look into this matter and the people responsible will be put behind bars.


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