Govt Makes It Easier For Pensioners To Submit Life Certificates


New Delhi: To avoid discontinuation of pension due to pensioners’ inability to submit life certificate by November 30 every year, the Department of Pension and Pensioners’ Welfare has asked pension disbursing banks to send the pensioners reminders via SMS/email four times before the stipulated date and also ask them if they would like to avail themselves of doorstep service.

This communication to banks comes in the wake of the Department coming across a large number of pensioners being unable to submit their life certificate by the stipulated date of November 30 every year due to various reasons, leading to the pension disbursing authorities/banks discontinuing their monthly pension. Such pensioners face a lot of difficulty in re-starting their pension.

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The Department, which is a part of the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions, said all pension disbursing banks should make an exception list as on December 1 every year of those pensioners who fail to submit their life certificate by November 30 and send SMS/e-mail advising them them to submit the same at the earliest to avoid discontinuation of their pension.

As regards pensioners who failed to submit their life certificate in the year 2019, the circular said the banks should prepare an exception list of such pensioners immediately and follow the steps outlined above.