Govt move on Kashmiri in Jammu colleges attack on Dogra identity: DSJ


JAMMU, July 18:   Alleging a conspiracy to wipe out Dogri from Jammu region, Dogri Sanstha Jammu has said that the State Government’s recent move to create 49 posts of Assistant Professors in Kashmiri  for introducing this language as a Subject in the Colleges across Jammu division is aimed to establish hegemony of Kashmiri in the land of Dogras.
“This purported move of the State Government is a deep-rooted conspiracy to create an impression across the world that entire State of J&K is a land of Kashmiri speaking people,” said Chhatrapal, president of Dogri Sanstha Jammu, while addressing a press conference along with prominent Dogri writers, here today.

Maintaining that this was not just an issue of teaching Kashmiri or Dogri language in the colleges but an attack on Dogra identity of Jammu region, Chhatrapal warned that this cultural aggression would be disastrous in long run.
“More painful is that this sinister move has been made under the very nose of the political leadership of Jammu, which has been brought to power by these Dogri speaking people, whose rights and interests are being trampled upon while their elected representatives are watching as dumb and mute spectators,” rued the Dogri Sanstha president and threatened an agitation against this cultural aggression.
Prof Lalit Magotra, convener of Dogri language in Sahitya Akademi, who was also present on the occasion, sought to know the logic behind creation of these posts in Kashmiri language. “What are the parameters on the basis of which such a large number of Kashmir language posts have been created for Jammu region?  Which Government body or committee has evaluated their parameters before coming at such a drastic conclusion and who has decided that no new posts of Dogri are required for this region, which is predominantly Dogras?” he asked and added that the State Government owes an explanation to all Dogras for this blunder that has been committed.
“Government should also fix responsibility as to who issued such mischievous and ulterior motivated order which is aimed at stocking the fire of regional and linguistic division and under whose direction,” he stressed.
The Dogri Sanstha demanded immediate withdrawal of this controversial order and instead issue an order for creation of posts of Assistant Professors in Dogri language for all the 46 colleges of Jammu Division.
The Dogri Sanstha and the writers urged upon the general public and all right thinking people of the State to join them in the struggle to fight for the rights of Dogri and Dogras. “We pledge that we will not rest till the posts of Dogri teachers in all the colleges of Jammu Division are created.  We also urge upon the political leadership of Jammu to wake up from their slumber and see through the designs of Kashmir and Kashmir centric forces and take steps to instill faith among the Jammu masses by acting promptly in this serious issue which has long lasting and disastrous social and political ramification,” Chhatrapal said.
Prominent Dogri writers Gianeshwar, Dr Nirmal Vinod and Dr Veena Gupta also addressed the press conference.

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