Govt must revive JKSRTC or get ready for writing an obituary

Image Courtesy - Meri News

There was a state road transport corporations and railways across the country used to set high standards of performance, and served the janta well. But with passage of time these corporations have become lethargic, corrupt, and ceased their functions to the private sector which fleeces the customers to the maximum. On routes which are not profitable, the private operators do not operate, they don’t follow rules, over load and there is no schedule.

The defunct road transport corporations are slowly being bleed to death because of the complicity of the political actors who have no stake in the public welfare but want the private players many of whom are related to them to control the market. The permits, permissions, and license regime is all geared for corruption while the government corporations are allowed to get rusted and ruined.

The Jammu Kashmir State Road Transport Corporation finds itself in a similar ruin thanks to the apathy of the government and officials. Almost 60 per cent of the vehicles are overage and they are not in good working condition. No new purchases have been made, and the general condition is that this transport body will be extinct in new years if corrective measures are not taken. The time now is for the government to infuse funds in the organization, buy new vehicles and hire them on contract basis to provide transport services to the aam janta. Even in advanced countries like USA, and UK transport facilities are provided, and subsidized by the government, and these are not left alone to the private sector.

Instead of curbing the JKSRTC, and ensuring an early obituary to it the government needs to curb corruption, and ensure that the organization keeps serving the people of the state, and tourists who come in large numbers.

Image Courtesy – Meri News

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