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Govt School teacher rapes class 8th girl in Shopian


Srinagar, August 28: Parents of a young girl on 24th of august filed a complaint against her teacher for raping the girl. The parents found out that the girl of class eighth has been raped after she complained of abdomen pain and was taken to the doctor.

This is the incident of Government Girls Higher Secondary School, D K Pora in Shopian district of south Kashmir where a 45 years old teacher named Maqbool Ganie sexually assaulted the girl on July 16 after taking her to his old house in the Village. After raping the girl, the teacher threatened her that if she revealed this to anybody she will have to face dire consequences.

Teacher after getting the information regarding the FIR, fled from that area but has been nabbed by the Police last evening.

As per police, a case under FIR number 179/2015 under section 376 has been registered against that teacher in the Imam Sahib Police Station and Investigation is going on.

  1. Mushtaq Khan says

    پھانسی دے دوحرامی کو

  2. Zain Hurtz says

    ab yeh kashmir mein be hone lagaa

  3. Aashoo Aashi says

    Both r responsible ek hath sy talee nai bajtee hai .phir b.teacher shud b punshid

    1. Sunny Sharma says

      agar ek hath se tali nhi bajti. then why kashmiri people alleges indian army..?

    2. Faisal Altaf says

      U don’t hv right to link such matters with Army…

    3. Ess Ess Kay says

      how could u said that its the noble position called teacher,the word teacher itself has a meaning of parent,Gurdian!

    4. Ess Ess Kay says

      sunny sharma bro for u matters differ u cant compare thense things each other!

  4. Rahul Hans says

    Teacher, kill him basted

  5. Khan Waseem says

    teacher haram zaadu ko zinda jala do

  6. Zaid Wani says

    Such teachers r degrading the name teacher which meant a lot in religious views as well as social views.Shud b punshd so that all others who would try to do this shameful activity vll remember the fate achieved by this shameful guy not teacher i cn say to him

  7. Mohmamd Shafi Mohmamd Shafi says

    Aesie,teacher ko faasei hoone chaeia

  8. Sudeep Sher says

    Sham sham

  9. Adnan Khan says

    both r responsible

  10. فردوس اقبال says

    Should b hanged.harami.

  11. Raafik Mohammad says

    Hata hehre sind hehra gowya latie Cancer….Haramzada

  12. Ess Ess Kay says

    مهربانی کر کے اسے ڻیچر مت کهو اسے شیطان کهو بدبخت شیطان! اسے سیرهیے فانسی پے چرا دو یا فهر اسکا ثطر کاڻ دو!

  13. Mir Mudasir says

    If proved, hang him

  14. Smarty Kour Angeline says

    that’s why nobody wants a girl as a child …………….

  15. Syed Inam Shah says

    hang him

  16. Mustafa Musti says


  17. Undefine AnSh says

    Hang him till death … no fir no arrest jus hang him…. jai hind…

  18. Riyaz Ahmad says

    It has not been proven so far weather the teacher has commited the sin or not. Stop blaming him

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