Govt Shuts Door on Rohingya Refugees, Calls Them Threat to National Security


New Delhi: Calling Rohingya Muslims a “serious threat to national security” and as a class vulnerable to be exploited for terrorist activities by ISIS, the central government on Thursday told the Supreme Court that they must be deported “in the larger interest of the nation”.

In its affidavit to the court, the Foreigners’ Division of the home ministry underscored that there have been intelligence reports that some Rohingyas are involved in militancy and are “very active” in Delhi, Jammu, Hyderabad and Mewat.


The government contended that the policy decision to expel Rohingya refugees from India is based upon objective factors and it should not be tinkered with by the Supreme Court in its PIL jurisdiction.

The affidavit has been filed in response to a PIL filed by some Rohingya refugees, who have fled Myanmar fearing persecution. The court had last week sought a response from the Centre after Prashant Bhushan appeared on behalf of the petitioners.

Replying to the plea, the MHA has maintained that allowing Rohingyas to stay in India will put in peril the security of the nation as well fundamental rights of Indian citizens.

“It is found that continuity of Rohingya immigration and their continued stay in India, apart from being absolutely illegal, has serious national security ramifications and who will have a very serious adverse impact on the fundamental rights of Indian citizens to share the natural resources of the country,” the affidavit stated.

It added that contemporaneous inputs have been received by the central government indicating links of some unauthorized Rohingya immigrants with Pakistan and Bangladesh based terror organisations.

“It is also found by the central government that many Rohingya immigrants figure in the suspected sinister designs of ISIS and other organisations which want to achieve their ulterior motives in India, including that of flaring up communal and sectarian violence in sensitive areas of the country. The situation is seriously harming the national interest of the country,” stated the affidavit.

“A fragile north-eastern corridor may become further destabilize in case of stridency of Rohingya militancy, which the central government has found to be growing, is permitted to continue. There is also a serious potential and possibility of eruption of violence against Myanmar government/ its diplomatic missions and also against Buddhists who are Indian citizens who stay on Indian soil by the radicalized Rohingyas,” claimed the affidavit.

The affidavit also said that providing facilities and privileges to illegal immigrants would have adverse impact upon Indian citizens as it would deprive them of their legitimate share in the employment sector, subsidized housing, medical and educational facilities and would therefore culminate into hostility towards immigrants, social tension and law and order problems. The Court will hear the PIL on Monday.

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