Govt. sponsored LED bulbs harmful for humans?


Recently Government of Jammu and Kashmir along with Central Government launched Ujala scheme, where government distributed 5-LED light bulbs at the rate of Rs.20 on their electricity bills and Identification cards.

The basic aim of this scheme is to provide easy and efficient light energy to every household. This Scheme is expected to reduce the load of Power supply and to increase the efficiency of electricity Department. But, recently a study has been conducted by  American Medical Association on effects of viewing in L.E.D and the results that came are horrifying.

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According to that research, looking at the L.E.D light can be harmful to the human eye.  The human eye perceives large amount of blue light emitted by LEDs as white. Blue light directly affects sleep by suppressing the production of the hormone melatonin, which mediates the sleep-wake cycle in humans,” the study says

The US report says that compared with conventional street lighting, the blue-rich white LED is five times more disruptive to sleep cycle. It has suggested that a long-term increase in the risk for cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and obesity caused by chronic sleep disruption due to exposure to blue light. “The excessive blue wavelength contributes to glare effects as a result of larger scattering in the human eye.

IT is disappointing that govt. did not consider the harmful effects of LED before the launch of this scheme. While government on one hand talks of providing the best health-care facilities, blunders like these only add to the misery of poor, to whom these bulbs are being distributed at cheap rates.

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