Govt to ensure posting of doctors in rural areas for reviving healthcare

The entire healthcare system in Jammu and Kashmir barring few government hospitals is in shambles as the the primary health care centres, and district hospitals have neither the equipment nor adequate manpower to address the health issues in distant areas.

The result is that either the people have to remain dependent on private hospitals or rush to major hospitals in capital cities of Jammu and Srinagar even for minor ailments which could have been treated locally. Rush of people from across the state also puts pressure on the big hospitals which are also plagued by inefficiency, and mismanagement.

In order to fix the poor condition of health care system in the rural and backward areas, the health department has now resolved to ensure that more and more doctors are posted at health centres in rural and backward areas. For years medical professionals have managed to hoodwink the system by misusing the facility of training to shirk working in the rural areas.

To counter this the department is now framing new rules which shall ensure that doctors can not avoid service in health centres and hospitals in backward areas. Apart from making new rules the government and the administration would need strong resolve to enforce the law because majority of new doctors are from affluent, and influential families who already have relatives in high positions. In such a scenario, the high and mighty manage to push the envelope, and the result is that the rural population in the state continues to suffer because of lack of doctors in health centres.