Group Discussion organised at JU


Jammu February 02: In its consistent endeavour to bring meaningful activities to the students, Department of Students Welfare, University of Jammu organized a Group Discussion event for the University Students. Around 21 students from different departments took part in this event and put forth their thoughts and convictions in a presentable manner.

Earlier, in his introductory remarks, Prof. Pankaj K. Srivastava, Dean Students Welfare informed about the goal of conducting such programmes as such events tend to chisel the skills of the students and enhance their personalities. They not just sharpen their speaking skills but also imbibe listening and thinking skills during such activities which also enhance team spirit amongst them. Prof. Dipankar Sen Gupta and Prof. Alka Sharma were the observers of the Group Discussion, who not only provided useful tips to the participants but also presented a precise analysis of their performance, so that they could perform better in further such events. Dr. Garima Gupta, Dr Savita Nayyar and Dr. Parmil Kumar were the moderators/facilitators for different groups. The participants did very lively discussions on contemporary and relevant topics like, ‘Should there be a ban on social media in educational institutions?’, ‘Is the ban on entry of women in religious places justified?’, ‘Smart laws and not funds give rise to smarter cities.’ which generated thought pondering statements.

Dr. Savita Nayyar presented the formal vote and thanks and the porgramme was looked after by Ms Ifra Kak and Mr. Sumeet Sharma.

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