Growing Intolerance in India: A look at ourselves


India has hosted different religions and cultures throughout centuries.  India is among those countries in the world that have accommodated people belonging to different religions, castes, creeds, cultures, languages, who have assimilated into the culture primarily due to the tolerance of the natives who welcome with open hearts. In fact, different cultures have only made the content even richer and admirable.

Although, despite knowing the fact that we share a history together, people who are modest in their degree of faith towards a particular religion feel that there’s a growing religious intolerance which is palpable. The apprehension came to true when a report published by Pew Research Centre ranked India at #4  in religious intolerance in the list of 198 countries. This, essentially makes India one of the worst country for cultivating hate and violence against each other on the grounds of religion and culture.

Termed as ‘Social Hostilities Index’, India ranks even worse than arch enemy Pakistan. When it comes to comparison, people of India often boast about the technological advancements and nuclear power that are far superior to Pakistan but they fail to realise we have lost to them in the fundamental matters of human co-existence – Amity, friendship and love among each other. India only outperforms Syria, Nigeria, and Iraq which are sectarian states while India that has been held as the example for other countries to look upon; where a man called Mahatma Gandhi unbelievably led to the freedom of India by means  Ahimsa and Satyagraha, now suffers from growing intolerance.

Indian citizens, particularly fundamentalists who belongs to the oldest religion of the world need to be rid of their bigotry, irrationality, over-reactionary attitude and of regionalism. People must condemn the religious attitudes in regard to social problems and the intolerant character of religion which militates against the emerging world unity. Cultivating hate against each other can have grave consequences in near future as we have witnessed from history. One who doesn’t learn from the mistakes in the past is condemned to commit it again.


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