Growing Intolerance in India: A look at ourselves

India has hosted different religions and cultures throughout centuries.  India is among those countries in the world that have accommodated people belonging to different religions, castes, creeds, cultures, languages, who have assimilated into the culture primarily due to the tolerance of the natives who welcome with open hearts. In fact, different cultures have only made the content even richer and admirable.

Indian citizens, particularly fundamentalists who belongs to the oldest religion of the world need to be rid of their bigotry, irrationality, over-reactionary attitude and of regionalism. People must condemn the religious attitudes in regard to social problems and the intolerant character of religion which militates against the emerging world unity. Cultivating hate against each other can have grave consequences in near future as we have witnessed from history. One who doesn’t learn from the mistakes in the past is condemned to commit it again.

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