GRP launches online complaint system in Jammu


KATRA: For the convenience of the pilgrims and passengers, GRP Katra has launched online complaint system having portal address, which was inaugurated by SSP Railways, Katra, Ranjit Singh Sambyal. Online complaints relating to GRP Katra can be lodged on the said portal.

Action taken thereof will also be available in the said system. This online system will also provide up to date information of GRP Katra i.e. crime, information of unidentified dead bodies found on Railway track or Railway coach.

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Besides report regarding missing luggage/bags/ mobile/ documents/Identity proof lodged by the yatries/pilgrims in the jurisdiction of GRP Katra, such reports are being entered in GRP Police Stations and copy of DD extract provided to the complainant for obtaining the new SIM card/documents etc.

It has been observed that a number of complaints/ Zero FIRs regarding theft of passenger belongings (TOPB) like snatching, pick pocketing , theft, eve-teasing, molestation and other crimes committed in the moving trains as well as in the jurisdiction of GRP Katra are being lodged by Yatries/pilgrims outside the State since one year, where they are actually residing.