Flavours of Jammu: A guide to the best of city’s Street Food


Attention Foodies!

For everyone who drools over the mere mention of the word ‘food’ here is your saviour guide to help you hunt the best street food items of Jammu. Domino’s and Pizza Hut may come and go but the hankering of street food is undoubtedly destined to last longer than your love for firang  dishes. Some of the aromatic dishes of Jammu are irresistible and just impossible to be found in any other part of India and living in Jammu if you have not been to these 8 shops, trust me, you have no right to call yourself a true food lover.


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Kalari Kulcha

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The most exclusive street food item of Jammu undoubtedly; there is no body in this city who would ever think of denying this being their favourite. In the busy Apsara street you must have had the time of your life eating from the many great stalls there but the ones who are still in the perfectly flavoured and richly aromatic Kalari Kulcha hunt, your wait is over. Sharma Kalari Kulcha in Gole Market can leave you spellbound with his preparation. The shop is 15 years old and has been serving over 250 customers every day. Your destination is just a five minutes walk from Gole Market and you are all set to delve into the flavour of the best Kalari Kulcha, just be ready to plunge into the crowd.

Nutri Kulcha

Jammu street food; Jammu cuisine

Don’t we all just love the spicy tangy flavours of nutri kulcha, this must be the second favourite street food of Jammu. Be it to satiate your hunger pangs during lunch breaks or your friend’s treat after your coaching class, a stall of Nutri Kulcha can awaken all the hungry foodie devils inside us. To have the best of the best you don’t have to go too far. This 23 years old stall in Last Morh has been Jammu’s favourite from years. The owner claimed that he has been serving nearly 1000 customers on a daily basis from the past few years. The thick masala inside the straddled buttered bun could leave you wanting more.


Pani Puri

Jammu street food; Jammu cuisine

Well, some call it pani puri, some call it Gol Kappa but they all call it their favourite. Can you recollect saying no to the timeless Pani Puri spree after your school gets over? The one who wins gets an extra plate. And the no-one-can-eat-just-one mania is all clear in our heads when the first crispy bite fills you up with its tangy yet sweet and timeless taste.Sharma Chat Papri, the ultimate destination for all the pani puri lovers- you just need to be a little quick to dodge the numerous number of people lined up with their plates in hands while the guy will poke a thumb in the crispy fried sphere to fill it up with mashed potatoes, chickpeas and onion, and you wait even bad while it takes him another 2 seconds to dunk it into the tangy tamarind liquid and then in the refreshing minty coriander flavoured blend. Just a piece of advice- It tastes best when eaten whole. Oh, the stall also serves mouth watering Chat Papri if in case you are still hungry.

Jammu street food; Jammu cuisine

Pav Bhaji

Jammu street food; Jammu cuisine

This lip smacking dish hails from Mumbai but is every state’s favourite. The butter dabbed crispy pav with the spicy masala, topped with grated cheese can make your mouth water even after you have gulped it down. Served with green chutney, extra onions and green chilli you can not resist what Bombay Phav Bhaji offers at its stall. The vendor has three stalls- in Bahu Plaza, just a few steps from Domino’s, in Trikuta Nagar and near Green Belt Park.

Chana Bhatura

Jammu street food; Jammu cuisine

It is commonly prefered for Breakfast but nobody minds having a plate of Chana Bhatura even in the after hours. Rawalpindi in Trikuta Nagar can make you go gaga over its ultimate preparation. The clean, spicy, neatly served plate at Rawalpindi can surpass and wash away all your previous favourites. The shop is open since 1920 and has been serving 200 customers at an average just in the early hours of the day.

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Amritsari Naan

Jammu street food; Jammu cuisine

Amritsari Kulcha aka Amritsari Naan served in Trikuta Complex, Bus Stand serves the rich punjabi dish with the best of stuffing and the best of preparation. The ultimate flavour of choley could captivate you in the aroma of the many exotix spices he adds into it. The aloo stuffed kulcha is topped with cumin seeds and is served hot and crisp. The sight of the heavy chunk of butter could cringe your intestines for a moment but your stomach would thank you.

Aloo Tikki, Dahi Bhalla

Jammu street food; Jammu cuisine

Dogra Chat House-Last Morh- The shop opened 45 years ago and has been serving the best of Aloo Tikki and Dahi Bhalla to the Jannuites since then. Just a few steps from Gol Market and you are all set to gulp down the best of this mouth watering delicacy. Served hot and crispy with a variety of sauces- the shop is tiny but the quick serving and preparation would not let you mind that.

Jammu street food; Jammu cuisine


Jammu street food; Jammu cuisine

Be it Winters, Summers or Monsoons- you can never get enough of Chai and Samosa evenings with your friends or colleagues. It is the most loved grab-and-go snack of India. This shop in Satwari near the Airport Station has been selling over a thousand samosas every day. The long queue never ends here but a little patience could reward you with the best of Samosas, dunk in chickpeas and chutneys, topped with onions and the bonus of green chillies.

Need I say more?