Gujjars block Tawi Bridge; Samba locals block national highway

Jammu March 04: The issue of the killing of a Gujjar male member at Sarore is still heated up and today 300 members of the Gujjar community blocked the Tawi Bridge right after the Namaz prayers got over.

The Gujjar Community has been demanding the removal of officers from administration, who were involved directly or indirectly in carrying out the demolition drive of the encroached land in Sarore. The drive had led to clashes in which one member of the Gujjar community had died.

Gujjar Protests (4)  Gujjar Protests (5)  Gujjar Protests (6)  Gujjar Protests (7)

Meanwhile, locals of Samba organised a Mahasabha Rally against the Gujjar community on the same issue of Sarore land encroachment. The locals blocked the national highway to take out their rally and shouted slogans against Gujjars.

Gujjar Protests (1)

Gujjar Protests (2)


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