Gulf between BJP, PDP widening even as Govt formation not in sight

bjp pdp copyThe wide gulf between BJP, and PDP is further widening as government formation is not moving forward with PDP sticking to its demands of removal of AFSPA, which in particular has rankled the saffron party.

After criticism from Ram Madhav, who is the national general secretary of the party, and was the chief architect of the coalition now the BJP leaders are also taking potshots at the Kashmir centric party knowing that it is likely to become an ally. The latest attack came from BJP national spokesperson Sambit Patra, who spoke in favour of ‘Eik Bidhan, Eik Nishan’ the original party ideology which was forgotten by the party for the sake of forming an alliance with PDP.

Making it very clear that BJP was not on the same page with PDP, Patra’s statement also points to the fact that there is strong pressure on the party to move back to its natural nationalist position which has called for abrogation of article 370, uniform civil code, ending discrimination with Jammu. The party seems to have realized that making too many concessions to PDP for the sake of government formation had not only alienated its core support base in Jammu but also the voters who had shifted their allegiance to BJP from Congress, and ensured historic win of the party. In case elections are held now, it is highly unlikely that the party would win a similar mandate if it continues to truck with the PDP.

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