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Gulf countries are funding terrorism in the Valley: Official

Jammu and Kashmir

Srinagar/New Delhi, April 25: The flow of suspected hawala funds from Gulf countries is adding to the woes of security agencies are suspecting that just like Hawala scandal, illegal money is reported to be used in the Kashmir valley for creating infrastructure as well as for the profounding of youth in order to discourage them towards there centuries-old Sufi tradition.

As new Terrorist set ups are building in several parts of the Valley, they have been welcoming youth, who are ready to pick up guns and follow the footsteps of terror group like ISIS and Al-Qaida, say security assessments.

Many religious people refused to come forwards and share their thought about the change in the society as they were worried about how the new generation was being taken away from the Sufi tradition that has been followed in the Valley for centuries.

A senior security official said that, while older generation families are still offering and praying at their traditional mosques, the younger generation prefers to pray at their so called religious places where they are taught about killings, destruction and sacrifice and which has been built in the last couple of years.

The Army, police and central security agencies believe that the large amount of illegal money is transferred into the Valley from Gulf countries which enters the state unchecked.

A senior police official said that to avoid any sort of detection the money is transferred in small amounts from the business houses that are established in these countries.