Hair and Hair Oils


Having beautiful and luscious hair is the cherished desire everyone has. The market is also filled with numerous hair products. There are shampoos, conditioners, serums, hair masks, flavoured oils and what not! Despite this much available in the market, the desire of having beautiful hair remains unfulfilled.

But there’s one such magical thing which can improve the quality of hair i.e. the regional oils. By regional oil, it is meant the oil that’s found in the region to which one belongs. A regular application of regionally found oil(s) on the hair one to two hours prior to hair wash has the potential to add to the quality of the hair. The logic behind it is the oils present regionally are suitable to the scalp and hair of the persons living there.

Generally, all types of oils are present in the market but in their impure form mixed with chemicals. The use of regional oils in their pure form can have many benefits. From having anti-dandruff properties to adding shine to the hair, these oils can have multiple uses. These oils, though harmless should be refrained from being used in the monsoon due to the naturally sweaty and sticky scalp in the season. People with fungal infection should also avoid application of any kind of oil to the hair in any season as recommended by the doctors.

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