Handwara victim girl says “Abused, pressured by police to give statement”

SRINAGAR: The 16-year old teen from Handwara whose statement led to a series of protests had been forced by the cops to record a statement in custody and also abused.

“The police forced me to say things that they recorded and put up on the internet,” the teen said at a press conference today.

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Clashes started when the girl alleged that she was being molested by an army man. When youth from Handwara got to know about this they came on the streets to protest against army. When Army retaliated, a youth got injured and then began further protests which led to killing of five people.

But in a controversial video shot inside the police station, the girl said she had been harassed by local boys on her way home from school.

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The girl says she was kept against her will in the police station. “They made me sign blank papers. I can’t write in Urdu. They made my write in Urdu and took our signature,” she said, flanked by her parents.

The girl was under protective custody for 27 days and was released only after court intervention.

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Her parents said she was pressured into changing her original version.

The teen complained that she was isolated by her classmates, who accused her of “suppressing reality.”


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