Happy News. He is young and single and went desperate to adopt this child

April 28: Aditya Tiwari, a 28-year-old Pune-based software engineer became the youngest single man in India to adopt a child. Aditya visited an orphanage of the Missionaries of Charity in Indore where he first spotted Binney, a one year and nine months old child suffering from Down’s syndrome and a hole in the heart. Binney was abandoned by his parents due to his ill factor.

Aditya said that in september 2014 he visited the orphanage to gift few things on his fathers birthday. Looking at the kids his eyes struck to the kid who was sitting around the corner all alone and when he went to play with him, Binney stuck to him and that he felted was instant affection.

Month later Aditya visited the orphanage again and found out that while many other children had been adopted, no family was willing to take Binney and that was the moment when he decided that Binney would be his son.

Aditya’s parents objected to his decision, and later the Missionaries of Charity went against him saying they policy is against single-parent adoptions. For many months Aditya kept visiting the orphanage and tried to convince sisters.

Aditya also contacted the women and child welfare (WCD) department and sent about 100 mails to Maneka Gandhi.

He said that he had even complained to Prime Minister’s Office too. To which the ministry replied that they have asked the Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA) to work with the Bhopal Child Welfare Committee and resolve this matter.

Maneka Gandhi even visited the orphanage to see Binney and instructed to hand over Binney to Aditya immediately.