Harry Potter’s magic game played by kids in Himachal Pradesh


Quidditch is the sport played in the Harry Potter world but the surprising thing is that this sport is played by the kids of Kalap in interior Garhwal, Uttarakhand also play Quidditch, with broomsticks and quaffle.

harry potter's sport A 25-year-old photographer, Anshu Aggarwal who is a freelance photographer and a Potter fanatic is working as a teacher with an NGO in the village posted photos on his page Anshoots Photography and these pictures are undeniably magical. The photographer belongs to West Bengal whereas he was brought up in Hyderabad.


harry potter's sport


He devised a new method of creating interest of the children in the studies by showing them Harry Potter movies on Sundays. The children were infatuated with the characters so they expressed their desire to become wizards and witches.

harry potter's sport

Since Anshu has already worked on Levitation photography, this was not a big deal for him. So he poured in all the efforts to recreate the scenes which are quite visible in the pictures.

In this whole exercise, Anshu created a 1 foot high wooden bench where they mimicked broomsticks and somehow arranged a volleyboll. The images shown below were put together and edited on Photoshop later.

harry potter's sport

The photography skills of this amazing photographer left everyone speechless.

harry potter's sport

According to the photographer the kids were amazed to see the results after the photography and the photographer is happy about the fact that he was the reason behind those smiles.

harry potter's sport

Anshu Aggarwal believes in creating magic with his pictures and he did justice to this concept which is quite evident from the pictures.

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