Hate and Compliments for Deepika Rajawat Flood Social media, Details Here


At a time when the entire nation is mourning the loss of an innocent child, there is a post that is talking about not just the rape and murder of a child but also a professional woman, a lawyer is threatened by people from her own profession; all this gentleman could think of was her looks.

This is reflective of that sexist narrative where men objectify women and see them just as a walking set of sexual parts of a female body and not as a complete human. It is easy to call this man an idiot and move on but it is hard. It makes me wonder who failed this man. Did the education system fail to teach him that women are humans? Did his parents fail to teach him how to behave with fellow humans? Did our society fail to raise him as a decent human being?

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It is all of these, I think.

Girls start facing sexual assault from their school ages and rarely is there an intervention. I am a speaker on gender discrimination and equality and while visiting India, I speak at schools, talk to young kids about respecting the opposite gender etc. To my shock, principles have called me before workshops and requested me specifically not to mention ‘rape’, ‘assault’, ‘harassment’ or ‘victim’, as if these topics are illegal.

You mention sex education and the channels are switched. You write about it and you’ll see rebuttals from people that cannot differentiate sex education from porn. Indians believe that sex education in the school curriculum will encourage young Indians to have sex.

Well, according to data and research, if anything, sex education is the reason teenagers delay sexual encounters in countries like the Netherlands. They know what it is, how it works, the risks associated with it and their curiosity is eased. They are in fact one of the happiest economies in the world.

In fact, forget about child rapists, they don’t even have enough criminals and hence Dutch prisons are closing. Their country is too safe and there is very less crime. It isn’t just because of sex education in schools but also drug-related policies and other welfare and safe havens provided to their citizens by their government.

The parents failed him when the father probably beat the mother or the parents discriminated against the daughters in the family and he learned they are worth nothing. The society failed him when we fell in love with Shah Rukh Khan stalking and harassing Kajol in that Swiss train in DDLJ, or when we made songs like “Gandi Baat” and the usual Honey Singh tunes as our party anthems, when we constantly elected ministers and officials that have harassment and rape charges on them… just to name a few.

Imagine how far India is from being a safe society!

The second remark said that Deepika Rajawat is an ‘anti-national’.