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Hate campaign against Modi a sign of NC-Congress’s frustration: Hari Om

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Terming as a sign of frustration the no-holds-barred hate-campaign unleashed against Narendra Modi by the issueless, directionless, communal and essentially pro-separatist, anti-Jammu and anti-Ladakh NC and Congress leaders, Prof Hari Om, Political advisor to BJP State President Jugal Kishore Sharma, on Wednesday asserted that the BJP’s PM nominee is destined to become the Prime Minister after May 16. “The negative campaigning against Narendra Modi by unpopular and issueless Farooq Abdullah, Omar Abdullah, Ghulam Nabi Azad, Saif-ud-Din Soz and their cronies is not only against the cardinal principles of election campaign in a democratic country but it is also a sign of their frustration and desperation,” he said while addressing a pres conference at the party headquarters. “Only those who have no positive agenda and who feel insecure indulge in the kind of politics the unpopular and fallen-from-grace Congress and NC leaders have been practicing,” he further said, adding that the people across the country want a strong leader with mass experience and a strong and stable government.

“Narendra Modi is the one leader who has inspired the nation by his leadership qualities, administrative acumen, vision, ability to take along all sections of society and his commitment to the unity and territorial integrity of India. All–barring fake secularists and those who survive and thrive on divisive and communal politics and obnoxious British policy of divide and rule — have swung solidly behind Narendra Modi and the BJP-led NDA. No power on earth can stop their democratic march towards Delhi. The BJP under inspiring, effective and skillful leadership of Narendra Modi would win more than 272 seats on its own and the BJP-led NDA will cross the 300 mark and provide a government that delivers, ends the miseries of the people, unites the society and achieves for the nation a place it deserves in the comity of self-respecting countries,” said Prof Hari Om. The BJP will win all the three Lok Sabha seats in Jammu province and Ladakh region and expand its support-base across the Kashmir Valley, he further said, adding the Congress will become story of the past and the NC would become a marginal political player in the Valley after May 16.

“Their political demise would be a boon for the country and Jammu & Kashmir State,” he said. Till the other day it was BJP which was claiming a massive victory in general election but the same got endorsed on April 22 when AICC Vice President Rahul Gandhi in an interview to the ETV admitted that the anti-Congress wave is sweeping the country and UPA government committed many mistakes. Similarly, on April 23, Dr. Farooq Abdullah, Union Minister, in an interview with News-X, said “It is all over”. He also said we are going to suffer a massive defeat due to our failure to check price-rise, inflation and corruption.

Prof Hari Om rubbished all the communally-motivated charges leveled against Narendra Modi by the defeated Congress and NC leaders and said that the real danger to India is not from Pakistan but it is from the Congress and NC leaders who have left no stone unturned to wreck the polity from within and outside and communalize everything in the state for vote-bank politics. “it is not Narendra Modi and the BJP-led NDA who are communal; it is the Congress and the NC leadership that is not only sectarian in its approach but also a pro-dispensation that is outside the political and constitutional organization of India,” asserted Prof Hari Om, adding the people across the state have seen trough the dubious game-plan of the NC-Congress coalition and they are determined to teach it a lesson.

Political Advisor to the BJP State President also took the opportunity to commend and hail Narendra Modi’s statement on Jammu & Kashmir and Pakistan and said the nation has full faith in him. “New Delhi under the leadership of Narendra Modi will have a foreign policy vis-à-vis Pakistan, China and US which will be based on the country’s paramount sovereign interests and there should be no doubt about it,” said Prof Hari Om, adding that the new government at the centre will not allow any Kashmiri leader to tinker with the Indian sovereignty. He expressed the hope that the people of Kashmir will inflict a crushing defeat on the NC candidates, including Farooq Abdullah who only recently contemptuously dismissed Kashmiris as “mahachor” and return to the Lok Sabha public-spirited and well-meaning representatives.

BJP senior leader Mohan Singh Chouhan and State Treasurer Chander Mohan Gupta were also present in the press conference

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