Have full respect for journalists: Hanjura

Jammu and Kashmir News

“The story carried by GK about one journalist Javaid Malik having been allegedly thrashed by my security guards has come as a shock and surprise to me. The fact is that a red car swiveled and slam-stopped in front of my vehicle and the driver of the vehicle rushed towards my car and tried to open the window of my vehicle. He was stopped by the security guards and taken to police station, Chanapora. I strongly deny my involvement in the alleged episode and have no objection if the journalist so desires to initiate inquiry and to ascertain facts. Security guards do not carry orders from any Minister or VIP whom they escort, they follow their own protocol. There is no question of my having used my security at any point of time in my long political career for any misconduct or any such alleged act. We uphold the dignity and honor of our people and it has never been our style to function as viceroys or dictators. I have all the respect for the general public and for the journalists in particular as I have myself edited a daily newspaper. And, if at all, the sensitivities of them are hurt, I am willing to tender my apology for the alleged act committed and as reported.”

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