Have motor-pumps for fresh water at home? Get ready for punishment

Jammu and Kashmir News

Jammu: Due to the erratic supply of electricity in the entire city, the water supply has suffered terribly. The areas where the PHE Department is able to provide water supply once a week are complaining that few of the consumers use electric motors adjoining to the main supply line, as a result the others face acute water shortage. Many localities have been protesting against the situation.

The Chief Engineer in charge, Rajiv Gandotra, has formed various investigation teams for all divisions who would look into the matter and bring forth the culprits and seize their motors.

Due to the frequent electricity cuts throughout the city, the discharge capacity of the tube wells is reduced which causes the irregular water supply. The gravity of the situation can be judged from the fact that even the drinking water tracker supply is also not sufficient to address the water needs of the public. And in such crises, few elements mange to use the water motor to draw more and more water for their needs.

By installing motors with the main line of water, these people have managed to aggravate the already poor supply of water.


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