Havoc in Jammu as the city gets flooded


Jammu, July 27: It is not the fury of  the monsoons that have hit the city of Jammu as this is not the first time Jammu is experiencing heavy rains like this. Jammu, no doubt has recorded the highest rainfall so far this year today where at 8:30am in the morning the reading was 157mm according to Deouty Commissioner Simrandeep Singh. However, the flooding of the city is for other reasons.

The supremely flooded condition of most areas in Jammu gives a clear picture of what happens when land is encroached and illegal constructions are raised. Not just the encroachment, the laziness of the municipal authorities have come to be exposed for not preparing at all for rains which have not even stretched to over a six-hour period  yet and the situation is remarkably depressing.

These pictures are from across Jammu city and will show you

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Trikuta Nagar 

The Trikuta Nagar Canal is flooding out since the last two hours and at 11 am today, water had been gushing out of the exit holes on the sides of the embankments of the canals. The water has already flooded the roads by the canal and has been flowing down into the lanes in Trikuta Nagar.

Tikuta Nagar (1)
Tikuta Nagar (4)
Tikuta Nagar (6)  Tikuta Nagar (7)  Tikuta Nagar (8)

Sector 2-A Extension Pics By Mehak Gandotra

Trikuta Nagar, Sector 2-A Ext 1  Trikuta Nagar, Sector 2-A Ext


Sainik Colony

Same has been the case with Sainik Colony Canal. It is visible in the pictures that the water level has risen considerably.

Sainik Colony 27.07.16 (1)  Sainik Colony 27.07.16 (3)

Channi Himmat

Channi Himmat 27.07.16 (1)  Channi Himmat 27.07.16 (2)


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Nanak Nagar

Nanak Nagar is infamous for flooding even with the slightest of rains. There is rampant encroachment of the Nullah in Nanak Nagar and water has already started gushing in residential areas adjacent to the nullah.

Nanak Nagar (1)  Nanak Nagar (2)

Nanak Nagar 27.07.16 (1)  Nanak Nagar 27.07.16 (2)

Jammu University Road

University 27.07.16

Tawi Bridge

The Tawi Bridge is experiencing a massive traffic Jam since morning today. The water levels in Tawi have risen as well

Tawi bridge

Jam Tawi Bridge

Tawi Water Level

Panama Chowk

Panama Chowk (1)  Panama Chowk (2)

Canal Road

Even if we had not posted about these Canal Road Pictures, it would be very safe to assume that Canal Road would be flooded.

Canal Road (1)  Canal Road (3)

Indira Nagar, Near Balol Bridge

Balol Bridge Indira Nagar (2)  Balol Bridge Indira Nagar (3)

Bishnah Ward Number 2

Bishnah Ward number Two (1)  Bishnah Ward number Two (2)  Bishnah Ward number Two (4)

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