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HC : Rets , teachers should not cower away from screening test

Srinagar, Feb 5:According to the State High Court ,Rehbar-e-Taleem (ReT) and teachers  should not cower away from taking screening tests as conducting the test is favourable for them in actuality.

In a judgement given by the court, it is stated that not only Rets  but all the teachers have to take the test. Justice MH Attar said that the court observed that there is no point of shying away from the screening tests because the profession of teaching is for the welfare of the society. There is no reason to hesitate for voluntarily accepting the test. Teaching is a profession which works on sincerity and integrity so everyone should support the court’s decision.

Moreover the government cannot escape from its duties of conducting the test and cannot challenge court’s order. And if teachers will not appear for the test how can their degrees be authenticated which they have acquired from different study centres.

The Government Counsel have produced SRO before the court wherein they have stressed upon the significance of screening test in order to gauge the teaching ability of the teachers.

The Chairman and Secretary of the Jammu and Kashmir Rehbar-e-Taleem Teachers Forum have approached the court requesting revocation of direction (a) contained in the Government order dated 29.12.15 .

They further added that the defendants need not to react against the orders until and unless a formal list of candidates who have acquired degrees from either fraudulent means or a formal way is published.