Health dept must inquire why hi-tech equipment is laying waste in Govt hospital

Super Speciality Hospital (4)The standard of healthcare in Jammu province particularly in government hospitals is below average, and in some cases despite the government making available expensive equipment for treatment of patients, these keep on lying unused because the doctors concerned want the private sector to benefit. In the latest instance machines worth lakhs are gathering dust in the Neurology department of Government Super Specialty hospital in Jammu for two years. The failure of the hospital to use these machines due to lack of trained technicians is a telling example of how the government functions where the left hand does not know about what the right is doing.

Instead of procuring the machines first the department or the hospital should have either recruited or trained skilled workers who could handle these machines. Questions in this regard are also being raised as to what the Department of Neurology is doing in the wake of these non-functional machines, and how tests are being performed for the patients. Are patients being referred to private labs outside and forced to spend thousands of rupees is also a big question.

It is imperative upon the health minister, and the health department to order an inquiry into this wastage of public funds and take action against those responsible for this gross neglect. There are also reports that some seniors in the hospital do not want these machines to be installed, as business of private labs outside would be badly affected. If this is the case then criminal investigation should be ordered to find reasons for delay in installing the equipment at this so-called prestigious hospital.

The government must also try to find reasons as to why trained technicians could not be hired while they are available in plenty, and run labs in entire private sector. This is a serious issue because such incidents are not an aberration but a routine at various hospitals in the state.

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