Health Sector shows the way during prevailing situation in Budgam


BUDGAM, SEPTEMBER 12- In District Budgam, the Department of Health has risen to the occasion and by being responsive it has provided the much needed relief to the needy during the situation prevailing in Valley. The Medical fraternity has proved its determination and bears testimony to the citizen centric public service. From ferrying the employees when there is no public transport to conducting major surgeries the department has done it all.

 In a threadbare discussion held with the CMO, Budgam, it was given out that the department attended 2, 78,323 patients in Out-Patient Department (OPD) and 11152 in In-Patient Department (IPD) from the start of current unrest. The department has also ensured 969 institutional deliveries which include 450 C- Sections.

The Department has also ensured that there is no lag in extending social welfare schemes such as Janani Suraksha Yojana and an amount to the tune of approx Rs 18 lakh has been expended during the same period as a result of painstaking endeavors of 600 Asha Workers.

 In the current circumstances, when it is virtually impossible for the common man to commute, the authorities have taken it on themselves and ensured availability of life saving drugs for patients, who are suffering from Tuberculosis (TB) and are on DOTS therapy, to them at their doorsteps. Besides, the necessary drugs and consumables for deliveries and infants in addition to free drugs to the patients have been provided without any fail entailing an expenditure of approx Rs 35 lakh.

In addition to providing diet to the patients, diagnostic services and free referral transport facility to tertiary care health institutions and to ensure presence of staff in the health institutions, the authorities spent an amount of Rs 8 Lakh on their transportation.

 The authorities also conducted various blood donation camps in district and 80 pints of blood have been collected till date.

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