Health staff on alert in Poonch after 300 cases of diarrohea diagnosed in one week


Jammu, May 23: Over 300 cases of diarrohea in the past one-week were reported in bordering belt of Poonch district of Jammu and Kashmir, while the district administration has sounded an alert and cancelled the leaves of health officials.

“We have received inputs from the district regarding diarrohea cases but they are not of serious nature,” M K Bhandari, Divisional Commissioner, Jammu Province here today told Media Sources.

Mr Bhandari said that patients are being treated timely and there is also no shortage of medicines.

“We have ensured to all the health centres in the district to remain alert and keep medicines available with them to treat the epidemic,” said Mr Bhandari.

The Divisional Commissioner however, said that there is nothing to panic and situation is under control.

“There are reports coming from Mendhar of diarrohea cases but all measures are being taken,” Mohammad Haroon Malik, Deputy Commissioner Malik here told Media Sources.

Mr Malik said that the health officials on leave are also asked to join their duties in view of emergency.

“Cases of diarrohea are reported earlier also but this time the number has increased and around 30 to 40 cases are daily being diagnosed alone in tehsil Mendhar of Poonch,” Mumtaz Hussain, Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Poonch told UNI.

He said that climatic condition, unsafe drinking water supply and unhygienic surroundings, are the major reasons behind an epidemic.

“We are providing medicines and treating the patients timely,” said the CMO.

He said that health department staff is put on alert and some of the leaves have also been cancelled due to prevailing situation.

“We have also launched awareness drive in the region asking people to take precautionary measures,” he said adding that in the last one week nearly 350 cases were diagnosed, including adults and children and they all are stable.

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