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Heartwarming: 200 prisoners raise Rs 40,000 to help marry an inmate’s sister


No offender is born as a criminal. He cannot be held responsible for all the wrongdoings because often it is the time and circumstances that force him to commit a crime. Now it depends on us how we look at the situation.

They do have a heart that can equally experience the twinge and sorrow and yes they certainly love their families the way we do. An incident at Rewa jail goes on to prove just the fact that even the villains of the society are but humans and their heart beats just as ours.

In the Central Jail, Rewa, there is a prisoner named Munna Lal whose sister was going to get married and he needed money for the same purpose. When other prisoners got this news, they thought of helping him and decided to collect money to help their friend, Munna. The inmates managed to raise 40 thousand rupees for the wedding of their friend’s sister.


Image Courtesy: deccenchronicle
Image Courtesy

When we start discussing law, we  can draw  a conclusion that neither any law nor any help is available for such kind of situations and yet Munna Lal’s friends and staff members of the Central jail collected money for him.


The central jail authority is glad as all the prisoners were happy. The administration believes that in coming days when the prisoners’ jail sentence will be over and they will return their homes, there is not any doubt about them living a normal life.


Image Courtesy: the national
Image Courtesy

When the prisoner Munna Lal shared his problem with his friends, they decided to donate 50 percent of the remuneration for his sister’s wedding. That is how 200 prisoners collected around 40 thousand rupees.


According to the rules, the daily wage of a prisoner is about 50 rupees and for that they have to toil away for 6 hours a  day.

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