Heat wave forcing people to remain indoors


By Citizen Journalist: Gourav Gupta

The heat wave has affected the people of the region, forcing them to remain indoors. The maximum temperature is reaching about 40 degree Celsius due to which people avoid going outside during the peak hours of noon and prefer to remain inside. To provide relief to school going children from the harsh weather, the government has announced summer vacations from June, 3 in Jammu division. The heat wave has not only made it miserable for the people of Jammu but also for the people outside the state. In Southern India, many people have lost their lives by the heat wave. The death toll has crossed 1600 already.

We see people have adopted many steps to get relief from the heat wave like bathing in the canal, covering their body and head before going outside, drinking juice of fruits or sugarcane. But one should also think about the hygiene at these kind of roadside stalls before you want to relieve the heat.

According to the reports of Met Department, the people will get a relief from the harsh weather as the temperature is likely to go down by the end of this week.

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