Heavenly Nature in Human Body


A shrewd man dependably pursues the equitable standards of life adorned with fundamental estimations of mankind, equity, earnestness and so on. The spirit procures the quality of converging with its super-natural creator as it were when it leaves its relationship of psyche with the goal that all covers of erotic joy are evacuated.

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Every individual ought to keep away from the shades of malice of resentment, begrudge, distress, lament, insatiability, blame, lies, disdain, lie, and so forth. Attempt to receive a disposition of bliss, harmony, love, quietness, lowliness, kindheartedness, sympathy, truth, liberality, confidence, and empathy.

Quest for exemplary nature guides the way to quality and magnificence. Take steps to be solid and gallant. Decline to be alarmed by troubling circumstances since you convey inside yourself the Divine every one of the occasions also, at all spots. Attempt to confront the difficulties and adapt to the common tumults fearlessly.

The human race is wise. Contemplation is the climatic pinnacle of prayer. Everyone is able to find and understand the Divine-self through thought and contemplation. The concerned individual needs to dive profound and get immersed in the boundless sea of Divinity in order to appreciate the endless ecstasy.

The spirit ends up competent to imagine the inward light and sound that in reality is the brilliance of God inside us. The soul accomplishes rise and liberation to the most astounding extent which is ‘Transcendent God Himself’.