Heavy rainfall in Kud kills 2

Jammu and Kashmir

Kud, May 12:  Heavy rainfall was seen in upper region of Jammu, such as Kud  Mada, Nathatop, Pachote.

During the rainfall traffic was halted at the National Highway. Huge amount of water entered the houses of the locals mainly areas covering the Kud Market.3047a4ed-7d5c-47e6-bc17-d9d8c987a92c

So far a Kacha House belonging to  Prem Chand R/O of Pachote, a shop owned by Sita Ram R/O of Kud and a House belonging to Arif Khan also a R/O Kud have been  partially damaged, sources said.

IMG-20160512-WA0030 (1)

Beside the damage caused by this act of god 2 dead bodies have also been recovered.


One identified as Rakesh Kumar S/O Satish Kumar R/O OF Ladhwal Age 14 was recovered by the locals.


Those who are missing goes by the details, Payloo Devi D/O Raj Kumar R/O Barthal age 14 years, Shivaloo Devi D/O Hans Raj R/O Bagoo Nallah, Batote age 5 years

IMG-20160512-WA0034 (1)

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