Heavy shelling and stone pelting in Rajouri amid communal tensions


Heavy shelling and stone pelting has been reported at Gujjar mandi Rajouri  amid communal tensions.

rajouri clashes


It was reported recently that members of a certain community had waved the ISIS flags in Rajouri and as a reaction to that members of VHP and Bajrang Dal had burned the ISIS flags terming the act of waving ISIS flags as anti-national and disrespectful to the Indian nationality. rajouri clashes

The members who waved the ISIS flags protested the burning of ISIS flags by the other members and wanted their arrest, a demand which was swiftly rejected. Their complain was, the writing on the made-up ISIS paper flags by VHP and Bajrang Dal was holy and the burning of these flags was a gross mistake. The Muslim leaders clarified that they have no ill against the burning of the ISIS flags but simply writing Holy symbols on a black piece of paper to burn it down was not acceptable.rajouri clashes

As a result, the situation in Rajouri has now become sensitive communally. The administration has imposed a curfew to prevent any unbecoming event from happening.