Heights of stupidity? JKYSS forces students to run barefoot in 42°C for promotional event

Jammu, June 4: With the mercury set on fire shooting 42 degree Celsius during the day, the Jammu and Kashmir Youth Services and Sports Department in its ridiculous promotional event has been organizing sports events in Sports Stadium Kathua.

As a result, two girls fell unconscious yesterday and a boy suffered thermal burns and scalds. The Sports Stadium is hosting a four-day Inter-School Zonal Level Athletics for under-14 and under-17 categories for both girls and boys that begun on June 1. The girls’ events concluded on Thursday where two girls fell unconscious and some fainted during the sprint events amid scorching heat and that too barefoot.

Sports teachers were seen supporting the young children and taking them from track to pavilion. A medical team was available at all times since many students were feeling uneasy after participating in various competitions due to high temperature.

As per the sources, the Sports Department did not bother about the weather conditions and went ahead with the scheduled events. On top of it, the track was not properly maintained. There were stones and gravel lying all around. The contestants were then asked to run barefoot, due to which they suffered burns and other injuries. Also, most of the students, who took part in the events belonged to poor families and were unable to purchase sports shoes.

A 100-meter sprinter, Praveen Kumar, who suffered intense burns,  told a local daily that they were advised to run on the track barefoot as school shoes were creating hurdles while participating in the race. The medical team gave him treatment and advised rest.

District Youth Services and Sports Officer, Sunil Kumar, claimed that the track was “properly maintained”, specifying that they had engaged laborers throughout the tournaments who cleared gravel and stones from the track. He added that the department had made sufficient arrangements for water too. When asked about, postponing the event, he said that the tournament was being held as per the calendar issued by the department and changes can’t be made at his level.

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