Help educate the girl child with a selfie



Help educate the girl child with a selfieNew Delhi:  A campaign that promises to send 10 girls to school for every selfie you click was launched here, aiming to spread awareness about the right to education for girls and discouraging early marriage.

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‘Selfies4School’, an initiative of NGOs Breakthrough and Educate Girls along with Vodafone aims to end discrimination and violence against women, by calling upon educated men and women to join the effort to delay early marriage of girls and educate them.

As part of the campaign, people can click their selfies and upload them along with a message under the #selfies4school on Facebook and Twitter to show their support. For every pic uploaded, 10 girls would be sent to school. They would be sponsored by the NGOs and Vodafone.

“It’s a great way of engaging the selfie generation where they can actively contribute to sending girls to schools and thereby delaying their marriage,” said Safeena Hussain, founder of Educate Girls.

“It’s an innovative campaign to educate the urban youngsters about child brides and how education is probably the only panacea to tackle this,” added Hussain.

Promising to sustain the dialogue around early marriage and education of girls for the development of the country, the campaign will connect educated professionals across Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi.