Help save the life of this child; Kindly Donate


Ritik is merely 14 years of age and is suffering from an acute cardiac problem. He is undergoing a treatment at present but his family, of restrained means, has been struggling to gather the money required for his expensive treatment. According to cardiologists, his treatment expenses will range upwards of 8 lakhs.


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Ritik has had this heart ailment from a very young age and the family has done everything they can to save his life. Ritik, sadly, had even gone through a Neuro-surgery for a clot in his brain recently.   Ritik Heart Disease (1)

His father, Ashok Kumar of House Number 52, Ambedkar Nagar in Old Janipur area has appealed to the people to make generous donations such that Ritik can be treated and be saved from dying.

Those of you kind hearted people who are interested in saving Ritik’s life can make the donations in the bank Account of Ashok Kumar bearing number 5223119000353, at Canara Bank, Old Janipur Jammu. Kindly help!