Stay energised post festive season with sherbets, lassi, tea 


What better way to ease up on your tummy post the festive season than with some truly exotic and healthy beverages? Take your pick from nearly a century-old secret ‘sherbet’ recipe, fruit and herb infused yoghurt drinks (lassis) or concoctions of the cup that cheers – tea.

With the overwhelming variety of the sweet and savoury that Kolkata has to offer, thanks to the varied communities based here, foodies find it difficult to resist gourmet temptations, particularly during Durga Puja and Diwali. The hectic meet-and-greet schedule and rituals add to the woes.

Light in texture, the ‘Puritea Twist’ infusions of herb and flower-based green and black teas are also refreshing for the palate.

“The Moroccan Mint green tea and Basil Mint tea are rich in anti-oxidants and the mint acts as a mouth freshener. The texture is light. Green tea can counter the effects of an oily and heavy meal.

“The Red Hibiscus black tea uses freeze-dried hibiscus and, therefore, eliminates the need for preservatives. In addition, we also provide the option of natural sweetener, Stevia, extracted from the Stevia plant,” TTT
owner Shruti Kanoi told IANS.

Detox away!

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