Here is how Kashmir unrest version 2.0 is being planned

In the past couple of days, security agencies have foiled several infiltration bids from Pakistan apart from seizing a huge cache of arms in Jammu and Kashmir. An Intelligence Bureau report in the possession of OneIndia states that there are several pointers that Pakistan is planning a huge unrest in Kashmir yet again.

Signs of the unrest snowballing into a major one was seen during the Srinagar by-elections which recorded a voter turnout of just 7 per cent. The IB report says that Pakistan is ready this time to go that extra mile to create the unrest and ensure that it was deadlier than the one that erupted in July 2016 following the death of Burhan Wani, the Hizbul Mujahideen terrorist.

Among the various plans listed out by Pakistan which is present in the IB report are to disrupt elections, attack security personnel etc. However the deadliest among the plans is the one to kill a major separatist leader. This would create a major unrest. Pakistan feels that if Wani’s death could create such an unrest, then the magnitude would be much higher if a separatist is killed.

If one were to look at the seizures conducted in the past couple of days, it is a clear indicator that Pakistan based jihadi groups are already readying for a major battle. Arms are being sent in large numbers and several infiltration bids too are being made. Take for instance the arms haul at the Kalakote police station.

During the raid conducted the police recovered:

  • Rife AK-47: 1
  • Rifle AK-74: 1
  • Sniper rifle with telescopic sight: 1
  • Pistol: 1
  • Revolver: 1
  • AK rounds: 150
  • AK-47 magazine: 13
  • Sniper rifle magazine: 2
  • Pistol magazine: 2
  • Hand-held radio set: 4
  • Binocular: 1

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