Here’s why you need to stay away from viral workout hacks


Social media these days is loaded with easy to do work out regimes that guarantee a considerable amount of weight loss within a short span of time. However, as convenient and tempting as these might sound, health experts don’t think it is a wise idea.

With the kind of busy lifestyle the millennial lead these days, the internet seems to be the only connection between humans and the real world. It is all about being super updated with the latest trends.

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In come the supposedly cool work out hacks that all over Instagram and Twitter feed. It’s hard to miss these videos because they come with a shiny ray of hope – losing weight without putting in much effort.

Instead of going all the way to a gym, it seems much more convenient to comfortably sit at home, follow a video and get the ideal body shape. Pause when you don’t get it, fast forward when you think it is getting too much and do everything as per your convenience.

While the shortcut always seems appealing, experts have major concerns about these exercise hacks.

“These videos are freely available all over the internet. And I don’t think it is healthy to follow these tricks. Because people who are doing the exercise at home don’t really understand the techniques behind those moves. They only do as they watch,” said health expert Vikas Dabas, Co-founder and Head coach of Urban Akhara.