Here’s your chance to land a role on Television! Auditions Tomorrow!


Are you one of those people who have not had enough chances or time or means or all of these to realise your dreams in Tinsel Town? Has going to Bombay/Mumbai always been your dream but luck just never favoured you in particular? If all of the above holds true in your particular case and if you think you are gifted with the talent of acting, then reach Rotary Club at Gandhi Nagar Jammu tomorrow to finally try your luck.

The team including Praveen Tyagi, the casting director of Savdhaan India that features on Life OK,  are in town and will be conducting auditions tomorrow at Rotary Club. The auditions will start sharp at 10am tomorrow and you can all land a chance to make a foray into the world of glamour. Here is a sneak peek of the conversation between Puneet Gupta of U4UVoice and Praveen Tyagi that highlights the reality behind all the glamour seen on television.

Praveen Tyagi Casting Director Savdhaan India Life OK

When asked why the decision to come to Jammu for auditions, Mr. Tyagi said,

“We are consistently on the move because we have to regularly shoot in Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Uttarakhand and Delhi all of which are very close to Jammu. Also, if you look at the major influx of actors in the television industry, most actors from these states only. Hence, I thought why not try looking for some fresh faces in Jammu itself.”

When asked what is the scope in the industry for those who land roles in Savdhaan India, he answered,

“There is a sea of opportunities for the talented people. There are many people infact who have featured in one or two episodes of Savdhaan India and they have later been picked up for daily soaps. The money is good as well. A fresher can expect payments of four to six thousand per day. Mohit Raina from Jammu, who played Lord Shiva in Mahadev, for instance charged 1.25 lacs per day.”

Mr. Praveen Tyagi has arranged this short trip to Jammu with assistance from the widely known 4 Frnz club under care of Lovekesh Gondi, Rahul Pandita and Jitendra Pal Singh.

We also asked him about the multiple cases of fake auditions where money is charged but no one finds the concerned person after that, Mr. Tyagi clarified,

“Having a local contact, such as 4 Frnz Club in this case, first of all increases credibility because you can always catch hold of the local guys. Second, I don’t deny that these cases do not happen, but the onus of such arrangements lies on the aspiring boys and girls who desperately ad blindly believe anyone without checking their credentials.”


Savdhaan India, particularly focuses on cases of domestic problems over hardcore crimes and if you are interested in sending your stories to Savdhaan India these are the things to keep in mind,

“The story should have a proof backing it say a court case, a registered FIR and the likes.”

“Also, it should be interesting because modifications do happen but those are just add-ons. The real premise has to be factual and proof backed”, added Praveen Tyagi.

The audition which is to start at 10am tomorrow will continue throughout the day and can expect to see people from all the 10 districts of Jammu as the word has been spread by 4 Frnz club at the local level. So if you are going to go, just carry something to eat because there can be a waiting time.

Mr. Tyagi also confirmed that the auditions may be stretched to one more day but that is only subject to the number of entries tomorrow.

Praveen Tyagi concluded with a piece of advice, “Everyone wants to become an actor today but no one wants to do the hard work that goes into becoming one. Youngsters are often lured by the glamour alone, but what they do not realise is the hard work that the successful actors put in.”



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