High-school creep sends woman ‘unsolicited d**k pic’, she sends it to his grandmother


When somebody from high-school drops a hello or an ‘it has been a long time’ in our inboxes, more often than not, it is a pleasant surprise for a lot of us. But in Tamira’s case, it happened to be a conversation that was anything but.

When a guy, whom she refers to as Hank in the texts, who claimed to have had a crush on her in school, got in touch with her “out of the blue”, Tamira was taken aback.

That gave way to shock when he suggested, to put in polite terms, that he was “poetic and considerate and can provide for you and we can cuddle up on the couch and not even do anything sexual just hold each other”, probably as just the fourth or fifth text after he introduced himself to her. Gave you the creeps? We aren’t finished yet.

It hits the roof when he decides to send her an unsolicited picture of his penis and she loses her calm altogether.

Instead of wasting her time and energy retorting to him on chat, she sent the entire chat thread to his grandmother on Facebook.

What’s disturbing is that, despite Tamira’s repeated assertions (verbally, since we have had quite a lot of confusion over verbal and non-verbal cues in the recent past) that she will not be able to maintain new friendships because she was inaccessible and that she was dealing with an intense break-up, the guy seemed shocked that she called his advance “unsolicited”. Why?

Because, in his own words, “You just said you were being nice and kind to me and what am I supposed to juxtapose from that other than you are being koy? (sic).

You lead me on and that is completely unfair. You can’t string me along like that and then not do any gratification in return.”


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