High School Students deprived of Basic amenities


Pictures by Sandeep

Government High school in Qasim Nagar is presenting the campus in the worst possible manner to its students and teachers. The main gate of the school stays unlocked even on holidays. The whole sphere of the school is heaped with garbage,cow dung and dumped wastage which makes the school look more like a cornered dairy farm. The classrooms are in a total dismantled condition with no windows or broken windows. The chairs,desks inside the classrooms were totally dishevelled portraying the low maintainance kept in the school campus. The backyard of the campus has many puddles and streams with standing water resulting in an unhygienic surrounding for the students. The toilets are too dirty,some are blocked and some even don’t have door. Quality education demands quality infrastructure as well to expose the students to a better world so as to to become learned,responsible and literate. Why authorities need to ignore certain things relating to the infrastructure and provisions facilitated to the students which play such a major role in their evolvement?

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