Hilarious: Man pretends to exercise only to steal bulb, Video goes viral


A video, now viral, has surfaced showing a man pretending to exercise on the sidewalk of a busy road only to steal a bulb hanging outside a shop.

A video shows a man in Coimbatore’s Cheran ma Nagar stealing bulbs in the garb of conducting exercise. The incident was caught on a CCTV camera on Wednesday morning, India Today reported. The video shows the man standing on a sidewalk next to a busy road that has several shops. He can be seen in the video doing some stretches and exercises.

However, as he progresses with his ‘morning routine’, he attempts to loosen a CFL bulb hanging in front of a shop. All the while, traffic is moving on the road and the man does all he can to pretent he is just exercising.

In another attempt, the man wearing a T-shirt and a pyjama manages to swiftly take off the bulb and put it in his pocket. However, the entire act was caught on camera. The video is now viral and the man has become an infamous star!

We’re wondering if the man is now thinking about stealing the camera instead of the bulb!

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