Hilarious video: Pakistan journalist asks question to a buffalo in a Geo TV Report!

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A Pakistani TV Journalist was trolled when he interviewed cattle. Amin Hafeez, the reporter of Pakistani news channel Geo TV interviews buffaloes and even manages to translate their response. Amin Hafeez is known in Pakistan for his antics, but this piece of reporting manages to convey a serious message. In Lahore, Amin Hafeez found that while people tried to sneak across traffic to cross the road, a herd of cows and buffalos were dutifully taking the foot-over bridges.

He trailed them ascending and descending the steps and even paused for a bite. While we hear the buffalo just moo, a helpful translation from Amin Hafeez is available. The buffalo reportedly told him that for any animal taking the foot-over bridges is not an easy feat, slyly justifying why humans do what they do.